The wait-for-cache error that you may see on your laptop occurs when your Internet browser (in this case Google Chrome) can’t access certain information about your browsing activity. A cache is a place where the browser stores this information so that it can access frequently used websites. To clear the cache, click the little more than one icon (three dots above each other) at the top of the application window to clear the cache.

The problem is usually solved by a corrupted file stored in your cache directory. Removing this file allows Google Chrome to create a new one, eliminating…

Below is a list of official instructions from the Netgear website on how to set up your router. This guide is designed to help you solve problems when your Netgear internet doesn’t work.
Connect the modem (yellow) via an Ethernet cable to the Internet connection on the back of the router. As soon as the router lights up the LEDs, enter in the address bar to log in.

If you don’t have access to the Internet, your Netgear genius might call “Internet not connected” a mistake. If you notice that the router says “Connected”, but there is no internet…

Belkin AX3200 is the latest router by Belkin WIFI. It has two models. Belkin AX3200 and Belkin AX1800. It can covers huge area with more than 25 devices at a time. It is also called by name Belkin WIFI 6 Router.

A belkin router starts flashing orange light if there is no internet. You can check internet on your modem first. ( Connect modem to your computer directly by LAN cable ). If the modem is getting internet then go to check belkin router settings and re-setup your belkin router.

Check Belkin Router Setup

  • Take note of the default Wi-Fi name and password located…

Linksys router orange light is located in the front of the device which indicates that the power is on. If a user notices that, the orange light is blinking then it notified that there is malfunctioning in the firmware of the router. The firmware is the information that is stored inside of a router and it aids the basic function of a device. So, if you are also facing this typical issue with your device, then do follow this article, it will guide you for further queries.

Steps To Fix Linksys Router Blinking Orange

Linksys wireless routers have an orange light located on the front of the…

  • Wrong Date & Time: If computer or device’s date & time is incorrect,it will make your browser can’t verify the SSL certificate. To resolve, check your date & time again and make sure they are correct.If it is not correct please correct your date and time and try to check.
  • For details information you can visit on
  • Antivirus Blocked SSL Connection: Besides wrong date & time, your antivirus software can block all SSL connections as well. In this case, we can turn off our antivirus software temporarily to check.

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